Are you seeking an exciting role that will challenge and inspire you? Do you want a job that infuses your role with innovation and venture growth? Do you want to learn more about working at Black Unicorn & AP and her partner companies? Whatever the reason, you are in the right place.

At BU&AP, whether we are hiring for our firm or partner companies, we hire people, not degrees. Exceptional talent, skill and charisma can come from any country, tribe or industry experience. We believe in your potential, regardless of your pedigree. Getting hired at BU&AP is often by unconventional routes.

You may have expertise on the job, learn new skills through an internship, or come with an MSc, MBA or Ph.D., we hire people who want to work and build great things – whether new to the workforce, or with decades of proven career success. We want people who are authentic, who have big ideas and a wide range of perspectives and life experiences – people who are ready to take on new challenges.

Does the above describe you?

Innovation from the future.