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The Future of Innovation

Centuries ago, when now-famous scientists like William Harvey and Gregor Mendel came up with the facts on blood circulation; and what is today the foundation of modern genetics, they were ridiculed as madmen.

Some other scientists were delivered from the labour of future research by a swift beheading for their ‘heresy’. Others like Galileo the mathematician and astronomer chose to recant. Life is sweet.

In 2022, the world is more or less, accepting of the unfamiliar and edgy. More and more funders are investing huge sums in the exploration of interesting ideas; some of which do not initially appear quantitative. We are exposed to information at an overwhelming scale yet we learn by skim feeding at a frenetic pace.

Evolution – loosely used here – is occurring every day with mankind moving the more towards dimensions of their existence which are more reality and less physical.

Innovation is moving from a space where technology is branded as a solution even when it solves nothing measurable.

Getting a billion-dollar valuation is losing its lure. The world is demanding more. Problems refuse to be wished away by media presentations and legendary conferences no matter the buzz.

More and more creators and entrepreneurs are realising that the true value is in providing solutions to real problems and meeting needs that create social impact.

We are coming to the post-unicorn era. You should read about that here.

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