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The Power of Platforms

In the first industrial revolution, the commodity of power was products. The second industrial revolution was products, processes, services, and information. In the third industrial revolution, the power moved to technology-backed systems. Technology would supercharge almost anything of value.

The overwhelming force in the 4th industrial evolution is exercised through platforms. A system and a platform differ in ways like a million and a billion – scale. Platforms create many different connections and interactions between different sectors and aspects of the business.

Innovation at its heart seeks to create platforms or extend the life span of platforms that meet needs and solve real-world problems.

Platforms are large-use properties and like any high-value, large-use property, they empower many massive and diverse expressions. When platforms are the product, the impact can happen on the quantum level.

Platforms are also a powerful tool for positive change. They help organizations and start-ups to move thoughts across climes, leap-frog social barriers to create movements, and shape culture.

Transforming ventures who are building platforms for unique legacy products/services, as well as impact projects across Africa is a large part of what we do at BU & AP.

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