through vision framing, strategy, design, innovation development. 


Our leaders are entrepreneurs first, experts in their fields and ventures. They value continuous improvement, so you can expect the right tools and skills to build your dream.

Proliferation of non-linear learning systems, acceleration of African tech property buy-up. Quantum specialisation across niches.

Key among rising solution systems, Black Unicorn & its partners are looking at the world differently. Solutions of the future solve real problems, and meet society’s needs, and mine just profit.

The world is much smaller, and unique local problems are more likely global issues. The trend of the decade with the most power will be the positive collective teaming up globally to provide local solutions.

When you choose Black Unicorn you choose brilliant and sustainable solutions for your business: Venture growth and scale models <> start-up, process and management consulting <> sustainable product improvement <> business development <> and project management.

to build sustainable innovation for impact and profit.

Innovation from the future.