About Us

Black Unicorn began with the simple truth: True innovation is purpose-driven and sustainably built by entrepreneurs and organisations who are solving real problems and meeting needs. The result is impact and just profit.

Our leaders are entrepreneurs first; experts in their fields. With ventures and value for continuous improvement. Excellence is default.

Increase in multi-linear learning systems, acceleration of African tech property buy-up. Quantum specialisation across niches.

Key among rising solution systems, Black Unicorn & its partners look at the world differently - we solve real problems, meet society’s needs, and mine just profit.

World grows smaller; village problems become global issues as the positive collective rises providing Glocal solutions.


Kome. I

strategy lead

Dami. A

design manager

Anu. R

people & relationships


tech & engineering lead

Choose us, choose sustainable impact and profit.

Innovation from the future.